Thursday, March 29, 2012

EU Gas Now Over $10: Charting The Global Gas Pump Price Shock Tyler Durden's picture Submitted by Tyler Durden / Forcasting World Events

For the first time since June 2011, the average price for Gas across the 27 European nations just broke above USD10/gallon. With the US on average above USD4/gallon (at its highest since May), it is perhaps worth looking under the covers at just what nations have been hurt the most in the last year by the money-printing-insanity-experiment rising price of crude. Italy has been hit the hardest with Fiat Uno drivers paying 18% more this year than last for a litre of petrol. As The Economist points out, only the Dutch and Norwegians pay more than the Vespa riders but perhaps it is worthwhile noting just how low (on average) the US price is compared to its global peers (for now) and the fact that only the French are paying less this year than last.

And from The Economist, Gas Price rises over the past 12 months have been considerable...

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